Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leadership Action Learning: Facilitators Make the Difference

Action learning can be a very effective tool to strengthen the capabilities of your work force while, at the same time, deliver true business results.

The choice of who should participate is important but, unless you invest in expert facilitators, your project will not yield the impact you hope for. Why is this role so critical?

Expert facilitators are able to develop leaders while getting measurable business results by:

  1. Flexing with the specific needs of the group. They have the models and experience at their fingertips that aid understanding, encourage creative problem solving, and provide objective and constructive performance feedback on the spot.

  2. Capitalizing on lessons learned. They are skilled at taking the time with the team to look back upon various actions, determine what worked and what didn’t, and then devise better ways to approach upcoming challenges.

  3. Reviewing on a regular basis. They know the importance of gathering stakeholders together at predetermined meetings to keep everyone apprised of progress, drive accountability and performance pressure, and adjust the overall thrust of the program as necessary.

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