Share More to Lead Better

When we advocate sharing leadership in our action learning for leadership development programs, we don’t mean that you step aside and avoid responsibility. Instead, we talk about what can happen when you pull back the curtains, let the light in and share information with your employees.

Many leaders don’t trust their workers with the kind of information leaders need to make sound decisions. What we have found, however, when leaders share information is that employees respect the confidence their boss has shown in them, feel a stronger sense of commitment to the organization, and perform at a higher level.

Employees are more engaged when they understand how they connect to the company and how their contribution is part of the company’s success. For example, when the company makes changes, people want to know why and how they fit in.  Effective leaders take the time to make it clear to employees at all levels how their work impacts their team, their department, and ultimately the company as a whole. This is what we mean by “shared leadership” and it works.

You will know you are on the right path when employees are satisfied with the information they receive about what is going on and believe that they have enough information to confidently succeed in their job.

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