Thursday, March 7, 2013

4 Steps - Successful Coaching Is Intrinsic to Successful Leadership

Supporting your team members' professional development through effective coaching has a significant impact on whether they stay or leave.

Beyond supervising and delegating, the best leaders show genuine interest in their employees by providing both positive and constructive feedback on a regular basis.

Individuals typically use one of two basic communications to get people to do something - Directing or Informing. These communications are on a continuum from very directing to very informing. Combined with role, handling these two different preferences can make or break your communication effectiveness.

Follow these four steps for better results:

  1. Build Rapport: Approach your direct report in a way that will open, not close down, effective communication.

  2. Establish the Agenda: Present the purpose of the discussion.

  3. Define Feedback: Discuss specifically what the employee is doing well and what needs improvement.

  4. Create an Action Plan: Agree upon a "go forward" strategy.
Then think of the most critical member of your team. What feedback could you give on current work that would show your concern and interest in his/her professional development?

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