Sunday, August 30, 2015

“Type A” Bosses and Their Leadership Challenges

There are many traits of “Type A” Bosses that can be transformed into positive leadership qualities. “Type A’s” are successful, creative, passionate and driven. But these are qualities that, unless modified to address the needs of their employees, can overwhelm, intimidate and discourage their direct reports.

  • Work on your listening skills and try to slow your pace. Some of your best workers need time to think and to express their ideas. Encourage a dialogue and ask questions that show you care about their development and contributions.
  • Get to know your team personally as well as professionally. Once you get to know what motivates them, you have an opportunity to delegate tasks that speak to their strengths and interests.
  • Build a team rather than expecting to do the job all on your own. This will give you a better work/life balance and inspire your followers to participate in the overall mission because they fulfill an important role.
  • Learn to be a coach rather than a critic and give credit where it’s due.

These are not easy transitions. But try them out a little at a time. As you apply this in the real world as action learning for leadership development, you will make progress and find that the leadership role is one that can suit you (and your Type A personality) well.

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