Sunday, May 31, 2015

Four Times Not to Give Feedback

Four Times Not to Give Feedback

The cartoon illustrates one instance when not to give feedback…when your boss says so in no uncertain terms! But, more seriously, there are other times when feedback is unwanted and unwarranted.

Here is a list compiled by a recent group of executives involved in action learning for leadership development. In their experience, they determined that there were at least four times when you should hold your tongue. Do not give feedback when:

  1. Personal Preference. It is more about your own preference or style than the quality of the person’s work product or approach.

  2. Limited Information. You do not have a full understanding of the situation.

  3. Circle of Influence. The problem is out of the recipient’s control.

  4. Unknown Solution. You don’t have a solution to propose that would help improve the situation.
The point is that feedback is critically necessary in the workplace to let people know where they stand and to manage and improve performance. But you should be thoughtful about the time, place and situation so that your comments are fair, complete, authentic, clear, and constructive.

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