Friday, January 18, 2013

If You Lost Your Title, Would They Still Follow You?

While formal power structures and hierarchies certainly still exist to provide ways for leaders to accomplish some of their tasks, more and more organizations are becoming matrix and process oriented to meet market and customer demands.

Succeeding in these environments requires a leader to work effectively in teams and to influence others without necessarily having the usual positional power structure for leverage. A leader’s ability to influence others is a critical leadership competency in this more fluid environment.

To be successful as a leader in an environment of cross-functional teams, leaner staffing and constant change, you will need to engage the hearts and minds of your team. Their perspectives, ideas and support are invaluable.

You will also need to garner the support of your peers and of those above you if you want to ensure your team’s ability to get the support and resources required to succeed.

Imagine that you no longer have a title or any “formal” authority at all.

  • How many members of your team would follow you anyway?

  • How many people in the organization would buy into your ideas?
If your answers are few, it is time to change your approach to leadership.

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