Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ensure Your Leaders Know Themselves to Lead Well

Successful leaders know themselves well…well enough to know their strengths and weaknesses and well enough to represent themselves authentically. To do otherwise is to invite mistrust and miscues.  A work environment founded on distrust will ultimately fail.

1.     Understand their strengths and weaknesses.
2.     Articulate their thoughts on major work issues.
3.     Test new ideas.
4.     Broaden their perspectives.
5.     Build and stretch relevant and applicable leadership competencies.

Above all else, leaders learn that trying to be someone that they are not and espousing goals that they do not believe in will only sabotage their efforts. Nobody likes to follow a fake. However, a well-designed leadership action learning program can build critical leadership skills, get real and important work done and deepen employee loyalty. 

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