Monday, December 9, 2013

Two Key Ways Leaders Can Keep on Track

A recent study showed that up to two-thirds of leaders fail to navigate today’s complex leadership challenges…and you can easily imagine what happens to the organizations they were leading. What are these leaders missing and how can you avoid a similar fate?

Best practices of action learning and leadership development gurus have determined that there are two key ways leaders can keep on track:
  1. Continue to develop…not only your own skills but the skills of your work force. Open yourself up to feedback. Understand that you still have much to learn. Even the most accomplished athletes continue to train and polish their game. With you, then, as a model, invest in developing your employees. This is the best way to show that you value them and that you believe in their future…and they will pay you back with increased engagement in their jobs.
  2. Maintain the highest standards of integrity. Choosing an unethical path to riches or advancement will ruin you in the end. Set an example for your organization. You will earn your employees’ trust and build business relationships that are positive and long-term. 

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