Sunday, August 31, 2014

You Cannot Do It All – How to Delegate More Effectively

Good leaders know how to delegate effectively. They have to because they have long since realized that they cannot do it all. They need to relinquish control for some of their responsibilities in order to manage the overall enterprise.

So what does it mean to delegate effectively?

  • Assign projects according to skills.
    Find the best possible person to take on the task or project. If they can handle it more skillfully than you, so much the better. Your employees will be more engaged doing jobs they can handle and enjoy.

  • Make expectations clear.
    When you delegate a task, be clear about how and when you need the job done. Set check-in times so you can be sure the project is on track and encourage your employee to come to you with any questions as they proceed.

  • Share the credit.
    Be sure to appreciate good work and, if appropriate, publicly salute your employee for a job well done.
Consider the delegation process an exercise in action learning for leadership development…yours as leader and your employees as they learn and grow. 

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