Friday, October 30, 2015

4 Immediate Steps to Take When You Want Something Better as a Leader

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Sometimes the position we dreamed of and have striven for does not fulfill our expectations. Leading this team, or at this company, or at this time in our lives is not giving us the intrinsic or extrinsic rewards and satisfaction we need. Clearly it is time for action. No point in wallowing in misery and frustration; apply a process from action learning for leadership development to begin the required changes to a more positive situation.

  1. Get to the core.  Try to define just what is at the center of your dissatisfaction. What specifically needs to be changed for things to get better? And why?

  2. Imagine the ideal. Think about leaders you admire and why. Apply the leadership behaviors that work for them to your own situation. Create a picture of what it would look like and how it would feel to achieve your goal.

  3. Garner some support. Find a mentor with whom you can speak freely, who is willing to give you time and advice, and who will be invested in your success.  Others can look at your situation objectively and provide different perspectives.  It often amazes leaders how profoundly they can change their attitude once they just step back and shift their perspective with the help from others.

  4. Create an Implementable plan.  Set up the steps that will take you to your goal. You need a plan of action with benchmarks that will carry you toward becoming the leader you want to be.
The lesson? 

You need to move toward a more satisfying situation. Test out each step in this trial stage of action learning and tweak as necessary before the next step in your plan. Experiment, learn and adjust. This is the essence of action learning and growth.

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