Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Are You an Authentic Leader?

A man walks on a straight, red-carpeted path through a maze

True leaders have a clear vision of where they are going and know how to consistently inspire others to follow them. 

You may be the head of a company but can you honestly say that you are an authentic leader? For nearly twenty years we have specialized in the field of leadership development. We have helped thousands of leaders to lead well. 

Our clients look to us for help in becoming an authentic leader who can create a high performance environment for them and their teams. Our preferred method for teaching new and experienced leaders how to lead their teams to higher performance? Action learning for leadership development. We believe, and the research supports us, that learning through real on-the-job experience is the best and most powerful way for behavior change and learning to stick.

Here is how we guide our clients to recognize their strengths and weaknesses as a leader. We ask them:

  • How well organized are you? Sometimes, leaders may need to simply look at their messy desks or full inbox to admit they struggle to manage their time and prioritize their tasks strategically.
  • What are your values? If leaders hesitate or are unclear, they are difficult to follow. Authentic leaders know exactly what they believe in and where they are headed. How are others to follow if you as a leader don’t have explicit goals and standards?
  • Are you who you say you are? Leaders who pretend to be other than their true selves are not authentic. Know yourself and be confident enough in who you are that others will recognize your integrity and trust that you will lead them toward meaningful and challenging goals.
  • Do you inspire fear or courage? Leaders who inspire fear in their followers are not true leaders. If you want loyal followers, share your courage and your dedication. Be enthusiastic about the future possibilities. Encourage others’ commitment and welcome them to your fold.

Once leaders understand the characteristics they need to work on, they can make real progress improving their leadership skills through effective coaching and targeted leadership development while getting real work done.

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