Thursday, March 21, 2013

With Action Learning - The Whole is Greater than the Parts

You can have both.

Leadership action learning takes advantage of diversified talent to develop leadership bench strength and solve important strategic problems at the same time.

This principle is at the core of action learning whereby you assemble a group with varied strengths who gather regularly to address and find the answers to real and current problems while improving core skills. At the core, action learning is learning by doing.

Conceptually, how does it work?
  1. Gather together a team with complementary skills and expertise.

  2. Define the problem(s)/ goal(s), sort out the issues, and agree upon action steps.

  3. Begin the work that was outlined by the group with clear success metrics, roles, and development objectives.

  4. Meet again as a team to report on progress, discuss what worked and what did not, and identify next steps. Keep records for future reference.

  5. Get expert coaching and support, repeat the cycle until the problem is solved and the goals are realized.
With a select, multi-skilled team working on real issues on a regular basis, solutions will be implemented faster and more effectively than by parceling out problems to narrow-band individuals.

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