Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Action Learning Just a Leadership Development Fad?

Is leadership action learning here to stay?

In the learning and development field, trends, tools, and techniques come and go. Currently, the term, action learning, is heard more and more often. What is it and what can it do for you and your leaders?

Action learning is an approach to solving real problems together in real time. The problem is defined, discussed, and appropriate action is taken. Next the group reviews, presents and reflects upon the process and the results.

The benefits of the leadership action learning technique are not just temporary in solving real and current problems. Done right, the benefits are systemic and long-lasting in terms of leadership and team development in three key areas:
  1. Trust and Respect. Team members build mutually respectful working relationships at all levels

  2. Confidence and Competence. Participants develop confidence in their leaders and competence as team members

  3. Continuous Improvement. Individually and as a whole, team members adhere to the continuous learning concept of reflection for the purpose of future improvement
Not just a fad, action learning is an accelerated learning tool with long-term benefits for leaders and the entire organization.

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