Thursday, April 25, 2013

Action Learning Is Not Just for Executives Any More

Though Action Learning and Leadership Development began in Belgium as a process for executives to solve problems, it has become much more egalitarian of late…and with good reason. Why? Because it works.

With change happening ever faster, successful corporations have had to address challenges and adapt to the shifting landscape with greater and greater speed. As the need for timely intervention grows, executives need to rely on others in the organization with multiple competencies to help.

This is a perfect fit for action learning as it most often does not have a designated leader but, instead, a self-directed work team aligned with critical leadership imperatives. The cooperative effort of employees from varied functions can be much more effective than that of a single director in finding solutions because they have diverse ways of addressing issues. There is not one tired approach but a fresh look at the problem from many different perspectives. The solutions offered can then be sifted through and tested by the team and, in the process, they learn from one another.

Are your targets learners developing their skills while working on and solving real life problems?

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