Friday, July 19, 2013

Leadership from the Other End

Most action learning leadership development programs emphasize how important it is for great leaders to communicate clearly and persuasively.

But leaders should also know how to listen well and to be open to the opinions, advice, ideas and values of others. In other words, great leaders should be adept at not only giving but also receiving messages.

Here are the qualities needed for leading from the other end:

  • Courage. Be willing to hear what others think—positive or negative. There is much to be learned outside of your circle of supporters. But you need the courage to ask for their thoughts and then to listen thoughtfully.
  • Objectivity. Don’t kill the messenger. Once you ask for advice, you will likely get it. Receive it without judgment until you have had a chance to reflect upon the advice and evaluate its value without getting defensive.
  • Openness. Keep an open mind. Your solution may not be the best way to handle a problem. This is your opportunity to learn from others and avoid mistakes.

Lead from the other end with courage and with an open attitude and mind…this could be your path to great leadership.   

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