Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leading Beyond Ambiguity

Good leaders work with their teams to define and ultimately implement the strategic initiatives that will help grow their business.

The simpler the strategy the easier to understand conceptually…but not necessarily to put into practice.


Because each stakeholder comes to the strategy with their own priorities and their own desired outcomes. Somewhere in the midst of action learning and leadership development, the best leaders cut through the ambiguity of mixed perspectives and bring clarity to the initiative so all employees are pulling in the same direction, for the same reasons with the same targets.

If, for instance, your strategy is to grow revenue, here is how different stakeholders might interpret the plan:

  •   Sales wants more feet on the street
  •   Marketing looks at launching a new campaign
  •   R&D sees an opportunity to bring new products on line
  •   Operations thinks about streamlining production by reducing the number of products.

It is up to leaders to determine the best method for increasing revenue and the most appropriate metrics to measure success.

In the final analysis, leaders must lead beyond ambiguity and make the key decisions that drive the strategy. 

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