Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Four Traits to Copy and Paste from Productive Leaders

We have all run into them…the super productive people who are able to accomplish so much in so little time without appearing stressed or unhappy.

Maybe we should observe them more closely from the point of view of action learning and leadership development. If we could take away some tips on the way they handle their time and make decisions, we might be able to adopt some of those desirable behaviors ourselves, right?

We bet you’ll see some of the following habits/traits in the productive model you are tracking:
  1. The ability to say no.  Do not take on more than you can handle or something that does not enhance your personal or professional life.
  2. Purposeful decision-making.  Prioritize your time so more is spent on what feeds you than on what drains you.
  3. Flexibility.  Be open to finding and trying new ways of doing things that could save time and effort.
  4. Honor task closure.  Check tasks off your list and, if some remain undone, do not be tough on yourself. Renew or redirect your efforts the following day.

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