Saturday, January 25, 2014

3 Smart Ways to Lead When All Seems Lost

Leading when all goes well can be both challenging and rewarding. But what about when there is a crisis? Leading then can be almost overwhelmingly challenging…and there are no rewards in sight. And yet this is when true leaders emerge.

What you need to apply is a combination of action learning and leadership development. Here are some steps to take:
  1. Be realistic but positive. Encourage the best efforts of your team by giving them a vision of success at the same time as you acknowledge the difficulties ahead.
  2. Choose your team well. Select team members who are not only willing to put forth the extra effort needed but also have the talents required to solve the problem. Recognize, too, that you may need to recruit others with special skills as the situation evolves.
  3. Stop talking and start acting. Too much discussion can lead to inertia. Begin the work you have outlined. Be disciplined at the start going step-by-step but realize that flexibility will be needed too. Be open to new ideas and new paths as your journey begins.

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