Monday, January 27, 2014

A Little Humility Goes a Long Way: 5 Smart Leadership Tips

When it comes to leadership, a little humility goes a very long way to gaining the trust and loyalty of your followers. Leaders should not assume they know it all…they don’t. And leaders should not just tell people what to do…rebellion will result.

Here are some tips from leadership development programs that will keep you leading in a positive, constructive way:
  1. Ask, don’t tell. Find out what the team wants and needs before you act.
  2. Dig in alongside your team. If, in crunch time, you ask them to spend long hours on the job, you should be willing to do the same.
  3. Have their back.  Show that you back them up and they will do the same for you.
  4. Do What You Say You Will Do.  Follow through on all your promises. If you want them to take commitments seriously, so must you.
  5. Set expectations clearly, ask for questions or concerns, and then listen carefully. Respond with understanding. This is the way to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. 

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