Saturday, January 11, 2014

Leadership Plans Gone Astray

Despite the best laid plans, many executives take what appear to be easier routes when they adjust their strategies along the way. Leadership development programsadvise against taking the low road. Sometimes the more difficult path is what will result in your success.

Here are three ways to avoid strategies that will lead you astray:
  1. Do not accept sub-standard performance in your marketplace. You should not settle for a choice that was made under different conditions. Change to accommodate the new situation and be patient as the adjustment is made.
  2. Choose to be selective. You cannot satisfy all the needs of all your customers. Identify what you can do and who you can serve well and then eliminate the rest. Focus on your strengths.
  3. Do not assume that an acquisition will make the difference between success and failure. All too often acquisitions are made for the wrong reasons. Instead of guaranteeing success, they often muddy the waters so that the winning strategy is obscured and lost.

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