Monday, June 30, 2014

Experience-Driven Leadership

Want to learn how to lead? Yes, you can read about leadership, model your behavior after leaders you admire, and attend programs that focus on leadership skills. But the most effective way to become a capable leader is to learn by doing…try on-the-job action learning for leadership development.

If you are really serious about stretching yourself and learning all you can about what it takes to lead well, you cannot wait for others to notice you and feed your goal. It is up to you to take the first steps on the path to leadership. Set up your own development plan this way:
  1. Identify what leadership skills you need to build or strengthen. Perhaps you need to learn how to fix problems created by others or to communicate a new strategic direction for the team.
  2. Figure out what specific opportunities there may be to enhance these skills while continuing to fulfill your current job responsibilities.
  3. Spell out a plan and persuade your boss that you are willing and able to take on this new challenge.

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