Sunday, June 15, 2014

Great Leaders Know How to Manage Energy

So many definitions of leadership yet so few make sense in the real, day-to-day world.  But those who subscribe to the concept of action learning for leadership development make the point that leaders do not work in a vacuum. They need to manage the energy of others and they need to realize their vision, not in theory but in practice.

True leaders know exactly what they want. The desired end is always in sight. And they know how to communicate that vision to others in a way that inspires committed followers. Great leaders’ passion is contagious. Their energy is focused on their goal and they are able to marshal the energy of others toward the same end.

Communicate your goal clearly and simply. It is the specific purpose that ignites fire in others. They will not be inspired by a general hope to expand the organization but will be positively influenced by a direct goal of, for example, ensuring that every young student in the country has their own computer. This is a goal that every employee can support and work toward.

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