Friday, October 31, 2014

The Learning Model that Harvard MBAs Use

A Harvard MBA degree is coveted by many aspiring to the C-level suite.

For years, Harvard followed a traditional case study model. But now the Business School has modified the instructional approach to an action learning case method model. Students are immersed in realistic business situations and are called upon to make decisions with incomplete information, conflicting goals and time pressures…just like in the real world. They learn by experience rather than lecture.

Why? Because it is far more effective.

  • Action learning for leadership development relies upon experiential reflection and problem-solving as the major learning tools.
  • Participants solve real-world problems and learn far more than if they studied books or sat through lectures.
  • The learning is student-driven, active, and solution-focused.
  • Students actually experience what happens as they implement solutions.
  • They analyze the situation, make a move to solve the problem, assess the results of their action and reflect upon what worked and what did not…all in the cause of improving business performance.
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