Sunday, November 30, 2014

Meetings Reflect a Company’s Culture – Pay More Attention to their Design

Rather than just let a company’s culture evolve on its own, savvy executives take a more active role in defining the way they want things done.

One of the best ways to take charge and practice action learning for leadership development is to focus on how meetings are run. Meetings are no trivial matter. For example, Harvard Business Review reported that one company spent 300,000 hours a year supporting a weekly executive committee meeting.

In a way, meetings are a microcosm of how an organization operates. Do a few always dominate? Do you hold people accountable for following through? Are they well planned? Are only the right people in the room? Do they start on time? Do people speak their mind? Do people get along?

Articulate the behavioral norms you want to encourage by setting clear standards for company meetings. Once established, they will influence how communication occurs, how decisions are made and how actions are taken throughout the organization.

Consider setting norms for dress code, timeliness, agendas, objectives, attendees, decision making, accountability, communication, problem solving, facilitation and scribe.

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