4 Reasons “The Best Way to Learn” Works

4 Reasons The Best Way to Learn Works

The kind of lecture-based, rote learning practiced in old-fashioned classrooms may have worked once upon a time…but this is a new era and it calls for a transformation in the way lessons are learned.

The best, most effective, most efficient way for aspiring leaders to learn is through action learning for leadership development under the tutelage of a skilled consultant, facilitator and coach. Here is why it works…

  1. You learn faster. Rather than read or listen about what you should do in a certain situation, you try it out real-time. The results and feedback are immediate and the lesson is learned because it is interactive, relevant and engaging.

  2. It is personal and specific. The learning scenarios are designed for the most important leadership situations you will encounter within your specific organizational culture and role. Just like scuba students learn how to clear their mask, paramedics learn to give CPR and pilots learn how to take off and land, leaders within each company face key challenges unique to their industry, strategy and culture. Effective learning focuses only on what matters most.

  3. You get insights. By consciously reflecting on the results of your actions and with the help of your peers and coach, you will understand what to do better next time and even how to avoid key mistakes going forward.

  4. There is accountability. You are the one to direct the action and you are the one to take responsibility. Your coach will be there to support you and provide insights but, ultimately, you are making the decisions and determining how to apply the lessons going forward.
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