Thursday, April 30, 2015

Two Leadership Challenges that You Must Overcome to Get Along With Your Mates

Two Leadership Challenges that You Must Overcome to Get Along With Your Mates

Leaders can fail when they do not get along with their team.

Leaders need to be able to motivate and inspire enough of their team that they do not risk a mutiny like this chessboard king who was surrounded and defeated by pawns. Learning how to get along with your mates should be part of your action learning for leadership development program design.

If you are headed for a leadership position, you should beware of two challenges that could forestall or crush your progress… (1) Super stardom and (2) Office politics. Here are ways to defuse these obstacles to your rise within the company:

  • Super Stardom: If you have been recognized as a superstar performer, there is bound to be some jealousy among your teammates and perhaps an effort to undermine your success. Be thoughtful of your teammates’ needs and be fully cooperative as they strive to do their jobs. Ask and advise rather than tell. Acknowledge the successes of others and accept praise not on your own but on behalf of the team. As a leader, your success is now dependent upon the success of others.

  • Office Politics: Good and bad politics exist in every organization. If you observe the nasty side of office politics, try to stay above the fray. Gain influence without compromising your integrity. Ask for help from someone you trust as you navigate through the turf wars and clashing personalities.
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