Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lead Better by Better Managing Expectations

One of the keys to leading well is the ability to set and manage clear expectations. If you have been in a leadership position, you may well understand this intellectually. But do you practice it? 

A very good way to test out your skill at setting expectations is to experience a form of action learning for leadership development. Take a page from your own book…perhaps notes from the last time you addressed your team and told them what you need from them in the way of performance. Then play the role of a team member. Did you as leader:

Prioritize goals so the team knows what is most important when demands conflict? 
Ask for a clear plan on how the major goals could be achieved? 
Demand significant (yet possible) improvement? 
Assign clear accountability? 
Identify acceptable excuses for non-performance? 
Specify actions and set out a timeline for when they should be completed?

If not, the blame for unmet expectations may lie with you.  How can you expect your direct reports to consistently succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing and complex environment with unclear, unspecific, unassigned and unaccountable expectations?

Now return to your role as leader and script a clearer set of expectations. Review them and see that all the questions above have been covered until each and every key stakeholder agrees upon the goals, roles, processes and interpersonal expectations required to succeed.

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