Friday, July 31, 2015

Leadership Development - Does the Perfect Team Exist?

A perfect team may be the goal but perfection is unattainable when human beings are involved. Even the best of teams suffer from some degree of political maneuvering. It is inevitable. But the trick is in how you deal with the politics.

Here are some strategies that will help keep you above the fray. Consider them an exercise in action learning for leadership development…a way to exert your influence without alienating team members.
  • Prepare a plan for dealing with those who would sabotage your efforts. Try to map out various scenarios and create strategies for dealing with them effectively. Anticipate others’ moves and plan ahead how you might handle them in a way that aligns with your personal values and your organizational culture.

  • Find an ally who will advocate for you. The higher up the better. It should be someone who believes in your capabilities and will toss in your name as opportunities arise. Let your “agent” do your lobbying for you.
  • Stay calm and develop some thick skin. The minute you let yourself be personally affected, you lose. Try to stay objective and think of the politics as a sort of game to be played.  Do not get defensive.

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